Sunday, June 19, 2011

Travel with Your Pet

The rules to travel abroad with your pet are constantly untightening. Right now, they use ISO microchips that they place on your pet so traveling through airports is not a problem anymore. Most countries use this instead of the universal international health certificate.

Some use Blue Pet Passport. However, the Blue Pet Passport can only be issued by veterinarians in the Europe and it is only valid for travel within European countries. With more airlines that have become pet friendly already on their international routes, traveling with your beloved pets will not be as inconvenient as before.

The pet immigrations has forms and instructions for travelling with your pets. The forms includes pet policies for both the international airlines and policies for cruise ships and ferries. A cute little cuddly pet could never be a hindrance to your fun or important travels. Just make sure that you have what it needs and a planned trip will also help. The most wonderful pet in the world doesn’t deserve to be left home when you travel the world. As I say, whether dogs or not, they are man’s best friend.

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