Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hong Kong - The Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest point of the whole of Hong Kong Island. There are modern malls, restaurants, museums, theatres and various recreational facilities. The spectacular view of Hong Kong with stunning skyline and dazzling neon makes you feel dazzled.

I took several photos of Hong Kong skyline from different angles. These were the best angles I could take. It was foggy when we reached there that's why the photo is a bit blur.

But at night, when the lights were on, it looks like this: really dazzling.

Hubby's friends met us at The Peak and took us at The Peak Lookout Restaurant. The prices of the food was also sky high. I had spring chicken for RM100+ which was the cheapest. Good thing it was a treat from hubby's friends. LOL.
The best way to enjoy the ultimate Peak experience is Peak Tram Sky Pass, offering you enjoyment of a trip on the famous Peak Tram and the fabulous panoramic views of Hong Kong from The Sky Terrace, the highest 360° viewing platform in Hong Kong. With the Peak Tram Sky Pass, you can enjoy more Peak experiences at a special price sold at Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus or appointed travel agents.

Prices of the tickets to the peak tram and skyway pass:

Return Single
Adult HK$ 48 HK$ 37
Child (age 3 - 11)
Senior (age 65 or above)
HK$ 23 HK$ 16

Perching on The Peak at 396 metres above sea level, The Peak Tower is one of the most stylish architectural icons in Hong Kong. With an avant-garde design representing the epitome of modern architecture, the spectacular tower has been featured in millions of photographs and postcards across the world. It was very dark when we came down here so the photo wasn't very clear. I was on top or terrace of this tower when I took shots of the Hong Kong skyline.

Hong Kong - The Peak Tram

One of the highlights we had when we were in Hong Kong was at Victoria Peak. I discovered there were few ways to get to The Peak:

1. By car or cab. You can drive straight to the Peak.

2. Take a bus straight to the peak.

3. Take a bus and stop at the foot of the Peak and take the Peak Tram. We took the double-decker bus that didn't have a roof at the top. We took the bus that would take us to the Peak Tram and sat on top.

The Peak Tram:

Can you imagine waiting for the peak tram with this crowd?

The venerable Peak Tram is, as most passengers agree, the only way to truly experience the beauty of Hong Kong's natural wonders. Tens of millions of people from every corner of the globe have taken the ride, which affords a uniquely spectacular perspective of the city.

View from the peak tram

Hong Kong - Harbour View

Harbour View from Victoria Park or Causeway Bay.

The harborfront show starts at 8:00 pm.

I actually wasn't that impressed. I was expecting something else. But time spent with family and friends at the harbour front was priceless.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hong Kong - Disneyland

I took a lot of photos when the family visited Disneyland. In fact, I took hundreds of them. SO it's pity if I don't show even just a small portion of it. Here they are:

Entrance to Disneyland

We visited with our friends. It made it more fun because we were with other people.

Micky skateboarding in the background.

Disneyland Band

At Tomorrow Land

We took the "space shuttle" ride.

We were treated to a High School Musical show.

Samantha danced with one of the dancers

This is sleeping Beauty Castle

The kids had a blast going through the Winnie the Pooh Adventure house.

Of course, the parents had fun too. It was magical inside.

Cinderella Carousel.

We went to see the Mickey's Philhar Magic. The kids loved it. When the show was over, Samantha said "One More Time! One More Time." So we stayed back to see one more time, ignoring the staff that told us where the exit was. LOL.

Went to a river cruise and truly enjoyed it.

After the river cruise, we went to see another show: The Festival of the Lion King. It was an awesome show.

Went to another show called "The Golden Mickeys, Storybook Theater"

The kids saw Micky and Minnie performed and other cartoon characters like Goofy, Pluto, etc.

The Toy Story performed as well.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Beauty and the Beast. The beast here has changed features already.

The Finale, everyone joined in.

Then we visited "It's a Small World After All" where they showcase the children from different countries by continent.

Of course, there was Philippines as well (Did I tell you every country in the world?). :D

Hawaii and a lot lot more.

Our Disneyland Trip ended with Magical Fireworks show at the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It was truly magical. Now Micky and Minnie are very famous in the household. LOL.

How much is the entrance fee to the Disneyland?

One Day ticket for adult = 350 HK$
One Day Ticket for kids (3-11) = 250 HK$
For Senior Citizens (56 years and above) = 170 HK$

Enjoy a full day of Disney magic and adventure with a One-Day Ticket. Purchase tickets online now! Tickets can also be purchased at the Hong Kong Disneyland Main Entrance, or at Ticket Express, located at the MTR Hong Kong Station in the Tung Chung Line Concourse.


We wanted to go to The Ocean Park - Hong Kong but they said it's more for adults. So we missed that one. We will go there when the kids are grown up a little. :D

I have more photos to show next time. SO watched out for them!


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