Saturday, May 2, 2009

From Macau to Hong Kong

After breakfast on our third day in Macau, we went to take a bus that would take us to a Ferry Terminal in Macau. The ferry ride from Macau to Hongkong took 1 hour. I was surprised that both children had to pay full fare. That was actually not in my budget but since I had extra, we were able to compensate it...

Another tip to remember: when you do budgeting, make sure you set aside for "emergencies." It helped a lot for us when we did that. Otherwise, you'd be left not doing anything because you're scared that you don't have enough money to do things.

I always get motion sickness when traveling in a closed ship/boat/ferry. It was a total struggle for me to take the ferry. Samantha, my cool girl, of course, enjoyed the 1 hour ferry ride from Macau to Hong Kong.

My family and the three Chinese friends who were with us didn't have the same place to stay. Apparently, our Malaysian friends live in Hong Kong Island itself while our hosts, lives in Kowloon. So we had to separate ways at Macau Ferry Terminal.

I was all smiles although motion sickness attacked me. Good thing I didn't throw up though. It would have been worse. Glad we waited for an hour for our friend to come pick us up. It gave me time to recover.

The next thing I knew... we were taking the bus to MTR (train) and took an hour of train ride to Sheung Sui, the place we are staying now.

Well, we are in Hong Kong now. I am loving the weather now... It's something like 22 deg celcius. They say it's getting warmer already because summer is fast approaching. But the weather is still cool. I am loving it.

Cool temperature in Hong Kong starts in September. They call it winter season. Summer starts in May and usually lasts until September. I am glad we came at the right time when it's not too hot to be walking around.

Need to be sleeping now. We're going to Disneyland tomorrow. Ciao!


litlit said...

Wow! It's really a blast! Smiling while reading your post, jan....smiling because wishing that someday I will be able to step on that place...Have fun, and more blessings to come!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi :-)

nopham said...

Try ginger candy for motion sickness. It works for me.

josiet said...

You look beautiful despite being sea sick! =)


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