Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Family's Hong Kong Trip

The next leg of our trip to the Orient was in Hong Kong. It takes about an hour to reach Hong Kong from Macau by Ferry. We took two MTR (rail) rides from the Ferry Terminal to Shueng Sui, in Kowloon, the place our friend put us in. It's not the most convenient to be staying there because it would take an hour to get to the center of Hong Kong, but we didn't have a choice. Our stay there was for free. So we embraced the offer gladly.

So what are the things to do in Hong Kong? There are just too many and I was glad we opted to stay there for 5 days.

1. We visited the Harbourfront show at Victoria Harbor, near Star Ferry. The Harbourfront show starts at 8 pm.

2. We visited Walt Disneyland Hong Kong. We wanted to visit Ocean Park Hong Kong too but we didn't get to do it.

3. We went to the Peak by The Peak Tram and went up the skyway to witness Hong Kong's night life.

4. We walked through the Heritage Trail in Fanling, Kowloon.

There are other things you could do while in Hong Kong. You can:

1. Visit Stanley Market and shop there

2. Visit the Ladies' Market

3. Visit Hong Kong Museum of Art

4. Take the ferry ride (or MTR ride) to visit Hong Kong island from Kowloon.

More photos next:

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