Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hong Kong - The Heritage Trail

The first thing we did when we reached Hong Kong was to visit our friends who did the arrangments of our stay there. It was one MTR (rail) ride away from Shueng Sui.

The kids played in their house. Their daughter, Phoebe, was one adorable girl. She's very sweet, too. My girl slept on the way to their house so while waiting for her to wake up, my boy and Phoebe were playing.

This is their house in Fanling. And it amazed me to know that The Heritage Trail was just at the back of their house.
Kids had fun showing off by not asking their parents to carry them, although the trail was going uphill.
When we reached the peak of the hill, Byron showed us Shenzhen, China. It's just behind those mountains!

We walked back home and the kids played again. They seemed to like each other so much. I was pleased.

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EADotCom said...

It's nice to see Samantha and Phoebe holding hands =)


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