Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park

We didn't do much at the amusement park because the kids were already tired from the water theme park. But my boy really impressed me. He went to almost all the rides except the ones for older people.

me and my girl at the crazy horse ride

me and my boy at the whatever-you-call-that-ride. hehehe. forgot already. i was more scared than my boy was.
daddy and boy on the whatever-you-call-ride again. sorry. my memory fails me. but it was one of those fast rides.

my boy on the crazy horse ride.

happy daddy and daughter

my cool boy, didn't wanna leave Sunway Lagoon

We left only in the evening. Glad to have this kind of break. Will definitely go back there next time. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Next time we go we take other friends with us. So hubby and I can go to bigger rides. ehem ehem "RM" (wrong motive) here. But honestly, I want to take the bigger rides. So friends, if you want to go with us next time, raise your hands. I'm glad to give you a treat.

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The Holleys said...

(Raising my hand, two hands) LOL! Gosh, I miss going to rides like that!


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