Monday, September 8, 2008

things to do in genting highlands

People all over the world come to genting highlands known as a city of entertainment. it is a cool place located in pahang, malaysia. Genting Highlands enjoys a spring-like climate, with temperatures no higher than 25°C and rarely falling below 14°C yearly. The temperature in Genting Highlands ranges from 16°C to 24°C all year round. That's why it is one of my favorite holiday destinations. What are the things to do in Gentings as a family?

  1. Theme parks - they have indoor theme park, outdoor the park and even wet theme park. You may check their theme park here: Genting theme park
  2. Believe it or Not - it's quite interesting to visit this place. You can see all the most unique things from all over the world. I love going to this place. If you have kids, it's quite educational to expose them to the different things found that are unique.
  3. Casinos - people from Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries come to Genting Highlands to play casino. I don't do this though. Just to give you an idea of what you can do in Genting Highlands. This might not be an ideal family getaway but of course for some people, this is a good way to unwind.
  4. Hotels - there are different kinds of hotels you can stay in. If you are not sure which hotel you want to stay in, please check You will be able to compare which hotel is the best hotel for you. I personally like to stay in First World Hotel. Once you get their promotion, they have great offers for such a cheap rate. You can stay there for 38.88RM for 2 days/1 night (inclusive of breakfast for two) or 48.88rm for 3 days/2 nights (inclusive of brekafast for two plus two tickets to their international show). There are other hotels that are available. Check this out:
  5. speaking of international show - this is a must see show. as they invite international performers to do a stage performance. It's world class.
  6. Restaurants - a lot of restaurants available. you can get just about any kind of food from local food to western cuisine. Fast food restaurants are all over the place too.
How to get there? You can drive straight up to the top of the highlands or take a bus from KL central to the foot of the highlands and take the longest and fastest (in south east asia) cable cars to the entertainment place. If you are from outside the country, there is a budget air lines called air asia that would bring you to Malaysia for a cheaper airfare.

Genting Highlands is indeed one of my favorite family getaway destinations. It is just an hour drive away from where I live and I feel so blessed to be living near the city of entertainment.

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