Friday, March 6, 2009

The Royal Palace, Cambodia

We went to see the Royal Palace at Phnom Penh Cambodia. It was such a grand place.

The Queen's Place
The Royal Throne Hall

Khmer worker inside the Royal Palace

The History Painted on the wall

Outside the Royal Palace

The entrance fee to the Royal Palace at Phnom Penh is 6US$ for foreigners and 2$ for Cambodians. There are rules and regulations to enter the Royal Palace:

1. Must wear proper attire (sleeveless clothes, bermuda pants and slippers are not allowed)
2. No taking photos inside the King's Throne Hall
3. Must take out the shoes upon entering the Throne Hall.
4. Wearing of hats inside the Halls is not allowed.


New Morden world – A Travel Blog said...

Nice post with good photograph.Interesting for read.

placesandmemories said...

thank you.

Angel.Pearls said...

Thanks for the visit!Great place! I've never been to Cambodia..//Eva

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Bellissime foto.-
Paese millenario di antiche tradizione.-
Fantastici monumenti.-
Buon fine settimana.- :-)

EADotCom said...

Great shots Janet! You take good photos!

bettyl said...

Very cool indeed! Maybe someday I'll get there!

Lantaw said...

Beautiful structures, I specially like the Queen's place

bathmate said...

Very impressive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. ;-)



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