Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way of Life

Traveling to new places helps you learn about other people's culture. You tend to appreciate the variety of activities life has to offer.

Khmer woman scrubbing the floor at the Grand Palace in Phnom Penh.

A monk walking out of the Royal Palace, on his way to the temple.

Khmer girl selling tamarind.

Tuk tuk. One of the transportation to get you to the place you wanna go. They start with 3$. You ask for 1$. You end up meeting half-way. The fare now becomes 2$. That's it if of course, you're a foreigner. When you stay longer and know their way of life by heart, you'd be dealing with Riel, Cambodian's trade currency... and probably pay 1,000Riel only. ( 1$ = 4,000Riel)


Dines said...

Wasn't there a tuk tuk when we went to Thailand, Jan?

janet said...

yes, there was. there are still a lot of those now. :D

Budget Traveler said...

I love the 1st pic.. murag pg National Geographic na pic.. :)


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