Thursday, June 12, 2008

Philippines, My Philippines part 2

Friday, September 21, 2007, 11:26

Peter has left. Schenker has stopped saying he wanna go home to his house. Now he wanna go to the other house: his lolo and lola’s house. He has discovered his love for “singing” there. Granny’s house has videoke and he just loves it! Everytime we’re in our pad, he would ask to go to the other house. The first few days here was spent resting, having a massage, facial, footspa… really felt awesome. The massage they used was a combination of Thai, Shiat Su and Swedish massages. It was great, considering how much we paid for it. Can you imagine having a massage like that for RM10? Foot spa for RM15? Facial for RM10? Okay… the last one was just an okay facial. Nothing special. Just a regular facial cleansing. My facial is more special… but it was still good.

Ooppss and don’t forget the food trip! We went to Weegol’s grill house for dinner the day we arrived, had lechon baboy the next day. After that, my tummy felt a bit funny coz I only ate the crispy lechon skin and fats! Yaiikkss… At least it has satisfied my craving for lechon. Mom made buko salad too. Hers is really the best! Won’t share the recipe. Hehehe. But if you ask me, I’d be forced to give. Hahaha!!! Actually, after the lechon, I didn’t feel like eating anything. Didn’t eat much until yesterday, after we sent Peter to Butuan Airport, I took my parents to Pizza Hut. That was the only fast food shop we saw that accepted credit card. I wanted to go to Jollibee… but they didn’t accept cc.

Now is the contacting of friends time. Grace will come here on Monday. She’s taking leave from work it seems. Nora will come visit some time next week too. Lot just dropped by to visit with her daughter and hubby. I almost forgot… Ptr Reggie and Ate Beth came by on Monday morning… while our pad was still chaos and we just woke up. I was a bit embarrassed but Mom had to remind me where in the Philippines and it’s very common here. Good reminder!

Oh yeah, Mom and Dad are not feeling well tonight. So I’m taking care of two kids plus two sick grown ups. Where is the rest time I was longing to have? But of course… I am not complaining. This is a chance where I could take care of my parents. When I leave, I wouldn’t know when I’m seeing them again. So I am taking this opportunity to take care of them. It’s 11:55. Have to go to sleep. I’m sure we’ll wake up early tomorrow. Mom woke us up (unintentionally coz she was washing her dishes she used for her breakfast) today at 7:30am!

Will write more updates when I have time to do so. Good night!

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