Friday, June 20, 2008

Philippines, My Philippines part 3

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Schenker woke up asking to go to his Gymboree class. Hmmm… Last night when I put him to sleep, he was asking for his friends Joshua and Janke. I told him they’re very far from us now. He said, we go by car, Mommy. I told him we don’t have a car here. He said okay. We got up. I changed his nappy coz it leaked. Then I went to the bathroom. He wanted to go to the bathroom with me and when I said no, he cried. He then started asking for his daddy. Uh-oh! I quickly came out of the bathroom. And he told me he wanted to see his house, wanted to go to the office, wanted to see his daddy, and so on… What to do? We’re not going home till next month… or so.

His daddy is still in Phuket, Thailand and he’s only going back to Malaysia on the 2nd of October. After that, on the 5th, he’s going to Brunei. So there’s no way for him to come and “collect” us. I put Barney on TV and he got quiet after that.

Good thing we’re in his grannies’ place. He loves it here. He loves to “sing” on the mic. He plays basketball at the backyard. His Lolo put up a basketball ring at the back of our house. He goes “fishing” at the pond (we have a small pond too). Although he’s a bit anxious coz the “fish might bite him.” That was cute of him but I get worried coz he’s scared even though it’s just a fish. And he’s scared of the chicken also! L

We came back from our neighbor’s house last week. I went inside the house thinking he was behind me. The moment I entered the house, I heared a loud scared scream. I realized it’s from my boy, looking at the chicken at the door. Hahaha! Can you believe he’s also scared of the broiler chicken? So I thought of looking up into the internet again for toddlers and their fears. I guess this is just normal.

Coming here is a very good exposure for him. He’s in a different environment…has different interaction with people… and different routine. Yes, he sleeps early like 8:30pm and wakes up at 7:00am the next day. It’s a good preparation also coz when we go back to Malaysia, he’ll start going to school already. J

Samantha, on the other hand is doing very well. She’s still too young to notice the changes I guess. Or probably she has noticed the changes but she’s taking it well. Babies can be very flexible. Adjustments are not so difficult. Oh yeah, she also tries to stand up on her own, from sitting position without holding on to any thing. She stands up, dances, claps her hands at the same time!

Lolo and Lola are very happy now also coz Schenker goes to them already, kisses them, asks them to carry him, and stuff like that. J Today, we’re having puso ng saging salad (banana blossom salad) with coconut milk. I’m really into food trip now, disobeying my hubby. Hehehe. He told me not to eat too much otherwise, I’ll gain weight again. Once I do, I always complain and I bug him too much about my weight. In other words, he gets the blame. Hahaha! So he told me kindly to not eat too much please. (Sigh). I’m missing him heaps. But I’m also enjoying my stay here. I’m getting all the rest I’ve been craving.

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