Sunday, July 6, 2008

our honeymoon destinations

A couple of friends gave us free honeymoon packages and we could choose where we wanted to go for our honeymoon. We preferred a cool place that time so we chose Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia as our first honeymoon destination. It's a beautiful and romantic place. Camerons is known for its tea plantations and its like the place is surrounded by them. I loved the idea of having tea and scones in the middle of the plantation. We stayed at Equatorial Hotel for 5 days. You know when it's cold you would crave for hot soups? Well then, steam boat restaurants were all over the town. So almost every night, Peter and I would go for steamboat food. And of course, we had tea and scones for tea time in the afternoon.

The second honeymoon destination was in Fraser's Hill, Pahang. It's another cool place. It's much quieter compared to Cameron's. It's a good place for retreats, trekking, and of course honeymoon. The only glitch with the place was there weren't a lot of things going on around. Restaurants and shops were scarce. But of course, it wasn't a problem at all coz as honeymooners, we didn't have to go out a lot often, right? So we had reasons to stay in our hotel most of the time. We stayed there for 3 days.

These were the most unforgettable places in our lives as a couple. These were the days of the unfolding, discovering and learning from each other. Oh, by the way, we also stayed for one night after the wedding at Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa at Cyberjaya. But you know, one couldn't do anything so much on the first night, being so tired from the day's event (and a bit embarrassed). But what I appreciated most about staying there was... we were served champaigne and chocolate dipped strawberries. That was awesome. We unwinded at the huge bathtub which has a glass wall. So you can actually see everything outside from the inside. The image on the left is where my sister Jirah and I stayed on the wedding eve. My parents were in the next chalet. Peter and I spent our first night together on the image on the right.

So everything started from here.

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