Friday, July 25, 2008

visiting damai laut again - part 2

damai laut trip - part 2

the beach:

samantha and schenker had a blast there. i realized the girl could spend hours just playing with the sand. she doesn't normally sit in one place doing one thing, but here she was, spent most her time alone, playing on the sand while we were at the beach. the boy and i tried building a sand castle as was promised but we never get to build one.

the contrast:
Can you tell the contrast between the two? Samantha was playing with the sea-wave, fearless; Schenker stayed at the farthest from the wave as he could, careful. hehehe. if you have a hard time finding where schenker was, he was the one at the back, in blue shirt. both aree very different. both are smart... just in different ways.

the dinner surprise:

it was a buffet dinner at the garden terrace but we wanted an ala carte dinner. so we went to the blossom courtyard restaurant. it had a very romantic ambiance. and as we were having our dessert (mango crumble they named it), there was a band that came and sang just for us. it wasn't hard to tell they were my kababayan (from the philippines). it was a real treat for us. we were treated very special. plus the food there was to die for. they have a very beautiful presentation for their main course. to see the food we ordered, click my weekend snapshot.

that was about it the day we arrived at the hotel. more post coming up later.

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