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Swiss Garden - Damai Laut

Swiss Garden - Damai Laut

The Drive
Damai Laut is a 3-hour drive from KL. The drive was very smooth.

Schenker and Samantha were asleep almost all of the time… Thank God we have 2 car seats now. I can at least rest and take photos in the car while traveling.

(The happy and comfy travellers)

(The Happy Driver)

Our friend told us we’re using the 1-bedroom apartment (2 units -the other one was for the Snyders). So we checked in straight to their Holiday apartments. When I saw the place, it was quite simple, with bungalows here and there… small pool, small playground for kids, and other small facilities. I was a bit dismayed actually coz I was expecting to arrive in a grand place… a 4-star hotel.

I told Peter “like this ah” when I saw the place. But of course was thankful coz we’re staying there for free.

But the amazing part was... when I went inside the apartment and looked out the window, I discovered we had a spectacular view from our apartment! There was a lake in the middle of the golf course and a huge river (?) that one could see from our view.
They have a tub! Hehehe. Every time Peter and I would stay in a hotel, the first thing that we look at is whether they have tub or not. If they don’t have… we really get disappointed. But this time, before we came here, we asked whether they have tub and they said all the rooms have one.

Father's Day
So the night I was waiting for: SPA! As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I brought along some ingredients for my d-i-y spa. I did an oil body soak, with mixed essential oils (orange and lavender) and mixed dried floral leaves (bought from Carrefour – marigold and lavender). It was awesome. One could fall asleep while in the tub. Actually, Peter fell asleep in the tub… for 2 hours! It was very relaxing. Good for Peter coz he badly needed this one. I am so happy I could do this for him… my father’s day gift for him.

The Monkeys

The next day, we drove to Sitiawan (another town, 25-minute drive from the hotel) to buy some groceries. We wanna make our own food coz we have cooking utensils (kitchen) in the apartment. And milk for the body soak and for drinking too.

When we went back to our apartment, here's what we saw:

(Monkeys waiting to be fed!)

The Beach

In the afternoon, we went to the hotel area to go to the beach. It was very beautiful. The boy really enjoyed his time at the beach, playing in the sand, running away from the waves and making foot prints.

The Hotel
Then we came back to the apartment lobby to connect to the internet. They have broadband. Peter has to be online coz of work. Then, here’s the twist. We found out we’re not booked in the apartment… But in the hotel itself. Should I be happy? Or frustrated coz we have to move rooms? Hmmm… I think I felt both, happy and frustrated. But then again, I was reminded to always be thankful in everything. After all, the holiday was already a blessing!

So we moved to the hotel room. And our room wowed me. Nice cozy room… and yes, bath tub!Hehehe

(The Seaview from our window)

So, I did another spa, this time, I included a yoghurt scrub. So I did a yoghurt srcub for Peter… and MILK bath!!! Now I know how Cleopatra felt when soaked in the milk bath. I added some dried flower. It was awesome. I asked Peter whether this was a luxury. He said yes straight away without thinking about my question. So I told him… maybe it’s a luxury… but cheap luxury... coz if we do this outside, it would have cost us hundreds of Ringgits!

There went our 2nd night.

The next day, when we woke up, both of us smelled so creamy... hahaha! Actually we smelled like babies. And we were so hesitant to shower coz we wanted to relish our body scent. But we showered anyway.

Then we went to the pool and met the Snyders. They were there for awhile already. Viv got her heel cut while playing at the beach with her kids... Poor woei... she was limping the whole time. Our boy was very shy... Didn't wanna shake hands with Sophie although she really wanna grab his hands and kiss him. She looks so adorable with those two huge eyes...

We went to recreation afterwards and discovered that the children playroom was next to the jaccuzzi and sauna rooms. So convenient... So Peter and I took turns to use the jacuzzi and sauna. That completed my spa.

After that, that thing that women-get-it-once-a-month came. Glad everything was over when it came. I felt so fulfilled.. and yet I want sommore!!!! Hahahahhahaha!!!

Now I can't wait to go to Selesa in Port Dickson. They should have tubs too... 4-star hotel mah! I loved the milk bath. Peter loved the oil bath. So if we have time in between the conference... we'll do both. We're gonna stay there for 6 nights it seems...

Till next spa! errrrrr... blog! hahahaha!

(still under construction -will post more photos next time)

posted june 20, 2007

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