Thursday, July 10, 2008

Damai Laut, Malaysia

Weeee!!!! we're going to Damai Laut for our family holiday! I can't wait to go for holiday again. Last time we went for holiday was in February this year, during Chinese New Years Holiday. went to penang and hatyai, thailand. we drove then.

this time, we'll also drive. we're going after samantha's and schenker's sunday school classes. peter is actually going to speak at samantha's cradle roll class. and i'm quite excited about it. that means samantha's having her father speak in her class. isn't that awesome? i'm sure if she knows what's going on... she'll be proud of it.

the hotel (swiss garden - damai laut) got bath tub. so i'll make sure we bring with us some things for spa. i wanna do a body spa with peter! hmmm.... really can't wait.

swiss garden is a 4-star hotel... they do offer spa as well.. the semsara spa... but i guess it'd be expensive.. so i'll just d-i-y our spa. i wanna do the milk bath, the floral bath, the sea salt bath.. etc. hahahaha! i wonder if i could do all these. not sure. have to think which one i really really really like to do and then do it first... maybe do aother body spa in selesa hotel, in port dickson later in july. we're going there to attend a conference. not sure if we can make it... but it will be a priority in our things-to-do list.
okay lah.. have to feed samantha first. our boy is not eating well again. sad sad.
till next post!

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