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Swiss Garden - Damai Laut - part 2

... continuation

When we woke up the next day (which was very late), both of us smelled so creamy... hahaha! Actually we smelled like babies. And we were so hesitant to shower coz we wanted to relish our body scent. But we showered anyway.

Then we went to the pool.

Met the Snyders there.

Viv got her heel cut while playing at the beach with her kids... Poor woei... she was limping the whole time. Our boy was very shy... Didn't wanna shake hands with Sophie although she really wanna grab his hands and kiss him. She looks so gorgeous and adorable with those two huge eyes...

We went to recreation centre afterwards and discovered that the children playroom was next to the jaccuzzi and sauna rooms. So convenient... So Peter and I took turns to use the jacuzzi and sauna. That completed my spa.

It rained in the afternoon so we stayed in our cozy room.

Our Schenker boy watched a kids' movie in Disney Channel called "James and the Giant Peach." It was his first time watching the whole movie at once (including the ads)! He loved seeing the animated worms, ants and spiders. Hahaha! He was fascinated by the spider singing a song. The movie was a mix real and animated characters. So I think it was different so he watched until the end of the movie. Of course, he has other faves too... like Hi-5 (which was given by his friend Tricia) and his all-time favorite is Barney.

We were really feeling cozy in the room... It was a nice feeling after jaccuzzi and sauna.

Since it was raining the rest of the afternoon... we didn't wanna go out even for dinner. So like what we always do when we're too lazy to go out (or cook)... we ordered ...

PIZZA! Yum Yum... Hehehe :)
Our holiday was only for 4 days... we requested for one-hour extension of stay coz we got up very late. So we checked out at 1pm only after our breakfast.

On the way, Peter bought some goreng pisang or fried banana (which I didn't like coz it was too oily), sugar cane juice for him and coconut water for me.

This pic really cracks me up... Doesn't she look funny and adorable? There's one cool boy behind.
Now, let's make a comparison:
Peter before:

And Peter after:

Can you tell the difference? ;)

Our best holiday so far... as a family... very fulfilling and yet... I want sommore!!!! Hahahahhahaha!!!Now I can't wait to go to Selesa in Port Dickson. They should have tubs too... 4-star hotel mah! I loved the milk bath. Peter loved the oil bath. So if we have time in between the conference... we'll do both. We're gonna stay there for 6 nights it seems...

So... what do I love in this holiday?
  • I love the fact that we stayed in the apartment and in the hotel... tasted the best of two worlds.
  • I love the fact that it was only 3.5 hour drive from home.
  • I love the fact that we went with friends and yet not restricted coz we did our own things... and we met when we met.
  • I love the fact that I could do spa for Peter (and for me).
  • I love the time we spent with kids.
  • I loved their room delivery pizza.
  • I love the fact that they have tub, jaccuzzi, and sauna.
  • I love the fact that it was a well-deserved holiday for Peter.
  • I loved it when I saw the surprised look he showed when I took out all the things to be used for spa (candles, oil burner, essential oils, dried floral leaves, and other spa equipment).
  • I love the fact that when we happily bless other people, God will use other people to bless us in return... with even greater blessings!

Looking forward to going to our next destination. Selesa.

Till next spa! errrrrr... blog! hahahaha!

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