Monday, July 21, 2008

visiting damai laut again - part 1

the drive:

we left our place with a sunny weather. halfway through the drive, it started raining heavily. so we decided to take a slow drive. it took us 4 hours to reach the place... which would have taken us for only 3 hours if it didn't rain. but we enjoyed the ride. both the kids were asleep. so hubby and i had a peaceful talk while driving. it was a cozy ride coz it was raining. we knew then that our trip was blessed.

the seasoned travelers:
here they were, sleeping almost through the trip (both of them are used to traveling now so it's easy to travel even with two kids in tow).
the monkeys by the road:
one of the highlights in going to damai laut was to see monkeys by the road. there would be monkeys waiting to be fed on the way to the hotel at a certain time and we were timely to pass them by on our way. good thing the kids were awake by the time we got to reach the monkey place. we saw them too last year when we went to the same place. so i was hoping to see them again this time.

the hotel:
it's called swiss garden golf resort and spa. it's a 4-star hotel, in damai laut. damai laut is not a famous place it seems coz there are still malaysians that don't know where it is or if there's such a place (which made me wonder also coz there were some westerners who stayed there also.). if you know pangkor island... it is on the way to pankor island, situated on the coast of lumut. there you go.

the excited kids:
you can tell the kids were very happy when we reached the place. they were very excited, especially the boy coz we told him we were going to the beach. so after settling down in our sea-view room, we went straight to the beach.
more on the beach on my damai laut trip - part 2. will post about it tomorrow. for now, i'm gonna lay down my head and get a good sleep. zzzzz...

posted june 1, 2008

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