Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kuantan Visit - Part 1


Kuantan is a beautiful place. It is a small town like Port Dickson or Melaka but the beaches are gorgeous. I didn't know Malaysia has this beautiful beaches also. I had been a fan of Phuket beaches and the island beaches that surround Phuket. The beaches that I have gone here in Malaysia (before Kuantan) were only in Port Dickson, Damai Laut and Melaka.

They weren't really inviting and besides there were a lot of stings I get everytime I dip into the water. The beachside of Kuantan was so wide. The kids were running around as much as they could. It was a very relaxing break for me and Peter as we didn't really have to run after our kids, worrying they might suddenly go into the water and drown themselves.

The Food.
The food was awesome. We had seafood on our first night, and we only paid 52RM for grilled fish (you got to choose which one you want to grill from the aquarium - means they're fresh), buttered prawns, fried rice and plain rice, plus two kinds of fruit juices. It was cheap, compared to having that kind of food in KL.

We had Swiss Food on our next dinner which was worth having. I had this huge serving of mixed grilled meat (fish, lamb, chicken) with french beans, broccoli, cauliflower and 2 medium-sized potatoes and peter had a huge serving of grilled lamb chop that came with the side dishes like mine and two glasses of iced lemon tea. Guess how much we paid... 54rm! It was sooo cheap it took us long to get over the fact that it was cheap. Hehehe. Worth going there. The restaurant is called Sherwood, in Kuantan town. It was the best. We had cendol (the photo on the left) and rojak too.

Other resorts:
We went to visit Cherating also since we were there already (just 40kms away from Kuantan town). Saw the beaches there, but I like the Swiss Garden beach better. We also visited Chempadak which was quite amusing because they had McDonalds and KFC on its parallel by the beach!

The Monkeys:
We thought we wouldn't see monkeys this time. But lo and behold, monkeys were everywhere. They were free to run around and free to visit McDonalds also. We had fun feeding and watching them when we had our lunch at McDonald's.

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