Friday, August 1, 2008

Phuket, Phuket, Phuket

I had a good time chatting with Aisha today. We had fun catching up and trying to reminisce our Phuket days... Thailand days. I can say that everyday in my life in Phuket for three years was like a holiday... with beautiful resorts surrounding us and with beatiful and friendly people living in that place.

We used to have bonding time with the team and our leader would usually take us to another islands (once in 3 months). I couldn't forget Phi Phi Island as it was my first time putting on a 2-piece suit. There, nobody would care coz everybody was wearing something like that (or not wearing anything on topat all). My favorite destination though was in Raya Island. It was really a paradise with crystal clear blue water... We did some snorkelling and it was awesome to see beautiful fishes everywhere. We had fun in James Bond Island too when we did island hopping. How can one forget Phuket?

Of course, I love going to Hatyai too. That was the place where I studied Thai language but never really spoke Thai well. We used to go to Central Sukhothai hotel for gym, pool and sauna at the 6th floor, if I remember correctly. It was really fun. And we remembered each other's embarrassing moments. And our "noodles" moments.

Of course, who can forget our chatting days? It was me and Aisha who started the trend... we introduced all our Filipino friends to online chatting... Yahoo Messenger to be exact.Oh and don't forget Bangkok chat. It was really cool. I have fallen in love with chatting there. Hehehe.

And Sizzlers! It was the best in Hatyai. We came to know about Sizzlers when Aisha and I had our short trip in Chiangmai a year before we went to Hatyai. And when we learned that there was Sizzlers in Hatyai, we were so thrilled. But of course, we were not that financially well so our friends took us there. It was awesome. We just loved Sizzlers. Now everybody does, too. Everytime hubby and I go to Hatyai, we make a point that we visit the place. The salad bar which is eat-all-you-can is simply awesome. The best salad bar in the world. Well, I've only been to a few countries so that was just an exaggeration. LOL. Payang restaurant is a fave too, especially for Thai food. They serve authentic cuisine in an authentic ambiance. Quite pricy, but really worth it. The "bridge"... the "bridge". Hehehe. They have the best Thai fried rice one could ever have with huge serving and best price. Very cheap, I should say. I wonder if it's still cheap now coz the business has reallly grown.

I don't know when I could go back to Thailand again. We have actually set a schedule to go to Phuket last December when we missed going there for Christmas. But now that my boy goes to school, I'm not sure whether we could still go there for a holiday. That's why they say you can not have your piece of cake and eat it too.

I know one day we can visit the place again. Phuket was our dating place when hubby and i were in our courtship days. It was there when he did his marriage proposal. It was there when I finally realized that my single days were over... and had to step on to another status... And it was the best times that I have when I was single.

Now I'm in Malaysia... where reality kicks in. But it's nice that once in my life, I have made my (single) life to the fullest. I thank Harry Bilyeu for the placement in Phuket. I thank Danny for receiving me. I thank God for giving me that chance to enjoy life. It was simply the best.
"How amazing are the deeds of the LORD!All who delight in him should ponder them."Psalm 111:2

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