Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seafood in Subang

After my husband came back from his trip to Phuket, he surprised me to a seafood. We drove to Subang airport and went to South Sea Food Restaurant. I know that Klang has the most affordable seafood (and good, too), but we didn't wanna drive all the way there. Subang Airport is just nearby and their seafood is really to die for. We ordered:

steamed fish (fresh from the aquarium)
fried kangkong belacan (pronounced belachan)

we ordered 2 huge sri lankan crab (black pepper crab)

and fried squid

all for 150RM. so if you're around Subang and you're looking for the best seafood, drive to Subang Airport and look for South Sea Food Restaurant. They're the best. I love the service too. Waiters are very prompt and they're dressed properly.

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