Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ice Kacang

Ice Kacang (pronounced as Kachang), is a Malaysian version of Philippine Halo Halo. It's a mixture of sweet beans, corn kernels, sago, milk, sugar, and some other sweet stuff with crushed ice. Top it with ice cream and you can call it special ice kacang or ABC special. I have been skeptical about ice kacang as I thought halo halo is better prepared. But I found a very good ice kacang at Mydin Mall, in USJ 1, Subang Jaya. It's next to Giant and Summit Malls. It's very very yummy with a lot of goodies inside. It really depends where you're getting it because in the Philippines, you can get a not so nice halo halo too.

My girls loves ice kacang too!

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