Friday, October 24, 2008

7 Tips for Better Vacation Photographs

I have finally read my Sony Cyber-shot manual, after using it for almost a year. And you can just imagine what I missed for not reading my manual. I realized that it has such cool features that I have never known before. Argghh! I should have read it earlier. Anyways, in the manual, it offers a lot of tips in taking photographs too and I want to share with you one of them in the list:

7 Tips for Better Vacation Photographs:

  • 1. Make sure you have enough batteries with you, all charged and ready to go. Bring enough to last you through the day. Compatible batteries may be difficult to find when traveling.
  • 2. Bring along your battery charger. It's fast and fuss-free way to quickly recharge your batteries for the next day.
  • 3. Pack a few more memory stick, just in case. This way, you can shoot as many photos as you wish without worrying about running out of storage space.
  • 4. Tell a story. Any important event can become a picture story. Take shots that tell how you arrived, what the trip was like, and how everyone had a great time!
  • 5. Try to get into the shot yourself. Bring a portable tripod with you and use the timer feature so you won't be left out.
  • 6. Choose a different perspective. For the most intriguing photos, look at different angles when taking your photos.
  • 7. Finally, no matter how well you know your camera, take your manual along! Vacations are a good time to experiment with your Cyber-shot and test features that you may have ignored in the past. (Like what I did).

by: janet

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