Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Favorite Hangouts

There a few places that my family usually go for a hangout.
  1. Subang Parade - wo go to this mall once a week since our kids' playgroup (Tumble Tots) is here. My husband would usually accompany the kids while I do my "me time" just hanging around. I would usually go to MPH bookstore to browse books. Nowadays, I would go for grammar books and I spend time browsing around these books. I know I need help with my grammar and sentence structures... and yes, more vocabulary. So I'm working in this area.
  2. Sunway Club - we are a member of Sunway Club and we used to hang around the club for swimming, gymn, sauna and then dinner at the Palms. We don't go there much nowadays but hoping to get back into the routine. I miss going to sauna and gym. I think it's about time to consider going back there. Kids love swimming too. There's not enough reason why we shouldn't be going back there.
  3. Ikea furniture mall - my favorite. We would go for Swedish meal first then we would go and visit the show rooms. They have such great showrooms. I usually get some idea on how to decorate our rooms from there. I like Ikea's style of do-it-yourself thingy. Then the products are not pricy.
I can only think of a few places now. You can tell I'm a fan of malls. Next, I'd be blogging about my favorite food place to hang out. Promise.

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