Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Trip to Sunway Petting Zoo

September 2005 - Family trip to Sunway Petting Zoo, the largest petting zoo in Malaysia. Child #1 was 11 months old then.

Looking intently at a parrot. It was a beautiful friendly bird. Our boy wasn't scared of it at all.

Beautiful Fish - mommy and boy had fun watching the fish swim

Making friends with Mr. Monkey

Feeding the i forgot-the-name-of-the-animal time (maybe a deer?)

Feeding the Emu time - this was my highlight. I really enjoyed feeding the emu.

Our boy had fun with the guinea pigs.

Had a good trip at Sunway Petting Zoo. But this petting Zoo has been moved to Sunway Lagoon Park already. Probably the place is called Sunway Wildlife. Not really sure. Haven't gone there yet. Maybe next time, we make a special trip to the wildlife sunway lagoon park.


litlit said...

Hi Jan, I like your hair, I've been thinking and considernng to curl my hair too...he he he..

places and memories said...

thanks lits.. those were the days. hehehe.


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