Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kuching, Sarawak

A month after we got married, a friend invited us to Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. Peter did some teachings and I tagged along and did a bit of teaching too. It was quite a good trip. That time, I didn't have my digital camera yet... so whatever photo I'm showing here is not mine. Our hots took us to Sarawak Cultural village where we saw a different culture compared to the West Malaysia culture. What interested me the most was when we were on our way to Sarawak Cultural village, we passed by Gunung Santubong and saw that spectacular view of a mountain.

I didn't know that it carried so much of legendary tales. Actually, when you are there, you can see an image of two women, with long hair, facing down (the image, which I googled, isn't showing justice to the image of a woman with long hair. next time I go there, I make sure to capture the real image. promise. :D). Legend has it that there were two princesses that lived in the heavenly kingdom Kayangan. The Crown Prince fell in love with both of them, but they refused to be joint wives. The King of Kayangan banished the princesses to earth, where they became Gunung Santubong and the nearby Gunung Seijinjang. Geographically, Gunung Santubong provides a spectacular backdrop to hotel resorts, local fishing villages, and the Sarawak Cultural Village. Its striking peak is visible from Kuching on most days.

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