Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Langkawi - Day 1

We left Subang Jaya at 8:00 am. Our flight was at 10:20 am. It takes an hour to reach Langkawi from LCCT. The kids were excited. Again, the girl chose her own outfit. Not a good match. But I think it shows her creativity.

After checking in our bag -Yes, we packed light. I was glad I was able to. You can hardly pack light when traveling with kids. But I was able to manage it. (Pat on my back), we went to Coffee Bean Shop for breakfast. Two Brek-o-day for 4 of us. Girl ate all the sausage. The boy ate the bread, hubby and I ate the omelette. I had a good brewed coffee and hubby had hot tea.

The kids were waiting to board our flight. The last time we flew with kids was almost two years ago when we went to the Philippines. The girl must have forgotten it coz she was only 10 months old then. That's why she was so excited.

boarding air asia here

Both were comfortable during the flight.

coming in Langkawi International Airport

Langkasuka Beach Resort is just a 5-minute drive from the airport. Paid 12RM for a cab. I was amazed to know that Langkasuka Beach Resort is the only private resort in Langkawi. They have their own beach. Our hotel room is facing the beach though. But what's to complain about? It's for free!

We decided to rent a car. It is actually very cheap. We pay 40RM per day for the car. So we have a car to drive around for the next 4 days. It is better than taking the day tours from tour agencies. It is quite expensive. And besides, you don't go on your own pace doing guided tours.

Went to Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall last night to get some things... i.e. breakfast, drinks, etc. Just don't ask me what the etc's are, okay? Hehehe.

The boy is super observant. While we were driving, he asked why there's no traffic jam on the road. LOL. He's so used to the traffic jams back home that he noticed the difference here.

By this time, we had pretty much ideas on what to do the next day and the rest of the days while we're here. The main thing that we will definitely do is go and have fun!

Langkawi is a beautiful place to go for a break. I wonder what took us long to decide to come here for our holiday. If it wasn't for the 0 airfare from Air Asia last year, we wouldn't come here.

Thank God for the blessings. I am so much in awe on how God blesses us. Thank you Lord.


Tess said...

I envy you. I wish we could do some traveling abroad too. Enjoy your vacation!

litlit said...

Pretty sure that you're all enjoying your vacation...Your children are very lovely...smiling alot while reading this post....How lovely it is to have children and family!

Dines said...



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