Thursday, April 16, 2009

Langkawi - Day 2

We drove to the northern part of Langkawi today. We wanted to check out the Seven Wells and the waterfall. I actually thought we could just drive there and when we get down from the car, we would be at the scenic spot already. Only to discover that we had to trek and it's going uphill. We took the stairway. It said it would take around 600 steps to get to the Seven Wells. I really didn't mind. After all, it's nothing compared to going up Mt KK.

One problem. The kids didn't want to walk up. So halfway through, I almost passed out! Two reasons: 1. it's my second day of what-most-women-get-once-a-month thingy; 2. had to carry Samantha. I didn't remember sweating that much before. It's like there's water trickling down from my skin like that of a slow water fall.

Good thing I remembered all the tips I got when I was preparing for our Mt. KK. trip. I sat down, put my head in between my legs. I felt much better after that.

We didn't regret going up there without any preparations. I was awestruck by how beautiful the place was... God is awesome. I wondered again why... after all these years in Malaysia, we didn't come to Langkawi sooner.

Samantha doing her foot spa

This was how they looked like after dipping in the water.

Anyways, there is always time for everything. So this must be the right time for us to come here. So that we would enjoy our trip with the kids.

Facts on Seven Wells Waterfall:

The Seven Wells Waterfall is locally known as Telaga Tujuh and is indeed a geological marvel.

It is a spot where freshwater streams plunges from seven pools into this majestic waterfall creating an awe-inspiring sight. Although the uphill trek to the top is less than a mile, the trip is quite strenuous, and you'd be well advised to take water with you.

Visiting the pools, especially the top one, will definitely bring excitement besides seeing greenery and enjoying cooling surroundings. Adding a mystical touch to the natural splendor is the lush green forest that surrounds it. Legend has it that fairies used to come down to frolic and bathe.

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