Monday, April 13, 2009

Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a special place for me and hubby. It's where EVERY thing was revealed. The unfolding, we call it. We used to go there at least two times in one year just to do our retreat. After our girl was born, we've stopped going there... for reasons I can't remember.

We just came back from Cameron Highlands and it was awesome to visit the place again. So refreshing because of the coolness of the weather.

Where to stay in Cameron Highlands?

There are actually hotels that I really really like, especially when going for a break with family. You can google about it at You will be able to compare which hotel is the best one for you, according to your budget.

You can actually surf the internet and look for Cameron Highlands hotel reviews at I tell you it is very helpful to do it. When we were deciding which hotel we wanted to stay for our honeymoon, we wanted the best. So we chose Equatorial Hotel.

Equatorial Hotel is situated on the highest peak of Camerons, at about 4,500 feet below see level. It is a high rise hotel as well. So you'd get the best accommodation possible as the hotel overlooks Camerons with tea plantations, rose gardens, strawberry parks and more.

Of course, if you want to stay in a budget hotel, like what we did recently, you can check it out at: Budget Hotels in Cameron Highlands.

I'm sure it would be better if we booked our hotel stay way ahead and not just walk-in, as you can do with budget hotels. Quite risky to just walk-in, right? There might not be a room available for you.

Anyways, here are the things to do and places to see in Cameron Highlands:

1. Visit the tea plantations and tea trees

2. Visit the cactus valley:

3. Visit the Rose Valley

4. visit strawberry farm and taste the strawberry ice cream and if you're on a budget, get the strawberry ice candy that costs 1RM.

5. Enjoy Tea and Scones at Cameron Valley Tea Shop and/or Boh Tea Shop... or enjoy Starbucks coffee at Tana Ratah. Yes, there is starbucks in Cameron Highlands. And you know what that means, right... You can have coffee, open your notebook, connect online and get connected with family to tell them how you are grateful you're in such an awesome cool place... in Cameron Highlands.

You can find out more about Cameron Highlands at wikipedia.

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