Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Importance of Family Activities

As a family, it is important to go for a break or getaway from time to time. It fosters bonding between members of the family. Fathers could be busy because of the nature of their jobs and gets few or no time alone for the family. Mothers could get very busy keeping the household together and yet not enough time to spend with kids and husbands. Children could get very busy playing or studying or by being with peers they spent less and less time with the parents. The very obvious solution is for each member of the family to pause in whatever they’re doing and go for a vacation just with family alone. How do we set family time and how often?

  • once a day - set aside one hour a day to talk. It could be around the table for a meal. Talk about the experiences you have had for that day.
  • once a week - set aside one day a week to be with the family. Usually, Sunday is the best time to do so. You may go to church for worship or go to a park, or go to a cinema. The possibilities are endless. We just started going to the cinema as a family. My boy is already almost 4 years old and my girl is almost 2 years old. Glad both of them did very well inside the cinema. We watched Wall-E. The first ever movie we watched in the cinema as a family
  • once a month - stay overnight somewhere else.
  • once a year - go for a 3-5 day vacation. There are a lot of holiday destinations available and you can check them online.

One of the best memories we have as a family is when we go for a break. We could do things together without interruptions. We could discover new things together. And the best of all, we could create a more special bond as a family.

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