Monday, February 16, 2009

Travel Safe

How to Travel safe with kids?

good quality car seats are important for traveling with kids. when my first child was born, we bought a brand new carseat for him, sponsored by a friend from the US. i was told to never buy a second hand car seats as we don’t know how the first owner handled it or whether it had been in a car accident already. but of course, when baby girl, my second child, came out and we desperately need to have a car seat for her, i looked up from e-bay for some secondhand ones. i found one which was fairly new, the baby barely used the car seat. and it was for a good price. i forgot the brand but i think it’s mothercare. you know if it’s mothercare, you would know it’s of good quality. in UK, you are not allowed to travel with kids without car seats. here in Malaysia, they haven’t imposed it yet. but when my family and i have a long-distance travel, we make sure to use car seats for both my kids. better be safe than be sorry.

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