Thursday, December 18, 2008

China Trip

My friend Loretta was kind enough to let me know she was planning a China trip. Since I really wanted to go to China... in fact I had been planning to visit China next year... I told her I was going to consider it. I had been facebooking about my China trip since two weeks ago when I was about to book my ticket to Macau. So it's not really a secret.

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So... the plan was to fly from KL - Macau. We found such cheap flight (107RM) from Air Asia from KL - Macau. So we booked our tix already. From Macau, we take a ferry to Hong Kong... meet Fendi and Gucci... and if Louis Vuitton is there, we would meet LV too. *wink. Planning on visiting Disneyland Hong Kong too... but I think I will give it a miss since my family wouldn't be there with me (oh yes, did I mention I was planning to go without hubby and kids? so it's purely girls' trip). If I go there without family, I would probably be feeling guilty the whole time, I wouldn't enjoy it. So I'm gonna give it a miss.

From Hong Kong we take a train ride to Guang Zhou... then to Shenzen and finish our trip with a visit to Chongqing. I don't know all about these places. But my friend does... she has a Lonely Planet book with her. Lonely Planet Travel Guide is really handy when you do trips. I was going to buy a copy and found it's a bit too pricy. Well, now, I think I will be needing it... so it's probably a good investment. I search for all these places in the Lonely Planet online but I think it's not complete. So you need to buy a hard copy. I'll probably consider buying Lonely Planet travel guide for a Christmas gift for myself. Hehehe.

Anyways, the trip will be in April 2009. So God-willing, I could go with girlfriends for this trip. Anybody wanna go with us?

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