Monday, December 1, 2008

Thai Odyssey at One Utama

Last Saturday, when we visited a couple friends, they offered to take us to a Traditional Thai massage. Hubby and I hadn't done Thai massage for a long long time now and we were craving for it. We said yes. Today, we went to pick her up from her condo in Mont Kiara (Kiara II) and went to Thai Oddysey at One Utama.
We were pre-booked at 3:00pm but there was some kind of mistake so we re-booked to 4:00pm. 10 meters away from the massage place, you could smell the eucalyptus aromatherapy oil. We were ushered to a room with two mattresses on the floor. We then changed into pyjamas prepared for us.

Samantha was getting ready for the massage too. Hehehe. It was actually a 2-hour massage. It was worth it... We felt so rejuvinated and refreshed after the massage. The masseurs were from Thailand... so I tried remembering how to speak Thai (which I learned when I was posted in Phuket for almost 3 years).

The kids had fun for the first hour, doing the massage themselves, lying down next to me and their daddy... giving me a lot of kisses (it was awesome)... but towards the 2nd hour, they started getting bored and sleepy. By the end of the massage, Samantha was sleeping. Hehehe.

Anyways, just grateful for friends that gave us this 2-hour Thai traditional massage. God is awesome!

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