Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Essence of Christmas

Went to visit The Curve in Damansara Utama with friends today. Here are the pics I took while walking around The Curve.

I think The Curve spent so much just to make all these Decos.

Seeing all those with friends was really fun. My friend, Jac, who has been to the Philippines once said nothing can beat Christmas Decos in the Philippines though. She said when she was walking around the mall in Makati, she was so impressed with how much Filipinos could decorate the place like that. Well, I believed her because in the Philippines, Christmas is a grand thing. We even start decorating our houses/places at the beginning of September itself!

Anyways, the Christmas decorations in The Curve were quite beautiful. I was searching for something though... And I couldn't find it. I walked around hoping to find it. Nothing. I couldn't see it.
I couldn't see the essence of Christmas. And that's a sad thing because the essence of Christmas is when you celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior, our Lord. Not a Christmas that's full of fairies, santas, trees, balls or tinsels. It's when Jesus was born. That's the essence of Christmas. Probably if I look in the Christian bookstore I could find a Nativity Set. It's when you see it that you're reminded of the essence of Christmas.

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