Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reliving Memories: Dimsum for Breakfast

Everytime we go to Hatyai, either by bus, train or by car, we always end up having breakfast at our favorite Dimsum place, the Bird's Nest. This trip was not an exemption. In fact, we invited friends to join us for breakfast. I know there are a lot of cheaper and better Dimsum in Malaysia... it's just that we have started the tradition already. It's like always coming home to a breakfast... you know what I mean...

We were chatting our hearts out with friends... and we were telling them of our trip to Phuket... and I casually said we are going to revive our moments. It's actually not the right term so Mimi and Lits told me it shouldn't be so... So I said reliving the memories would be a better term. So from now on, everytime I talk about our Phuket trip... the title would be: Reliving Memories. How's that, huh.

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litlit said...

It was a wonderful time seeing both both of you after a long time. Thanks for the nice breakfast.


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