Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reliving Memories: Dinner by the Beach

I used to take Hubby for dinner at Kan Eang Restaurant. It is situated along the beach of Ao Chalong, south of Phuket. I used to live nearby (Fisherman Way, Rawai) so I know the place well. The restaurant has improved so much. The ambience was nicer, more authentic, with live band playing in the background. Well, the prices had gone up too... which shocked my beauty to death. LOL. As always, we ordered fried rice (crab for me and seafood for hubby), tomyum and nam manaw (iced lemon juice). The place was still beautiful... and having dinner by the beach made it even more beautiful... we not only revived memories... we were building memories as well!

Here's my Thai fried rice - crab.

The famous Thai delicacy - tomyum (It wasn't what I expected it to be though). The last time I had it there was thicker with coconut milk, I think.. But this time, it was just with chili paste. But it was still good.

I actually had a list of food to eat when in Phuket. And fried rice crab by the beach was in it. Glad to be able to savor one of my favorite Thai fried rice flavours. Having it with tomyum and iced lemon tea was perfect. I couldn't wait to eat more Thai food! Oh, by the way, our bill came in this box... isn't it amazing? Thailand is amazing, indeed!

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