Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reliving Memories: Ao Chalong

My friend Aisha and I loved going to the pier of Ao Chalong (Chalong Bay) for afternoon walks. We used to go there almost everyday. It used to be quieter though. Now it's full of speed boats, cruisers, and long tail boats. The Chalong Bay itself has developed so much. There are more shops now... more massage parlors, more pubs, more hotels, more restaurants, etc. It's not the same old Ao Chalong anymore... and it has come too touristy... but I don't really mind it. The more people go there, the merrier the place gets.

We stayed at Ao Chalong Mansion for our first night in Phuket. We decided to stay in a budget hotel so we could do more with our saved $$. Also, there are a lot of travel agencies nearby... so it's easy to book for a speed boat that goes to Raya Island. Yes... we were planning to go to Raya Island (Racha Island).

It's always better if you know the place. At least you'd know which has the cheaper and better service. In my case, it is good. I know which place to go to get a cheap speed boat. I got it for 200 Baht (20RM) less. And we stayed at a cheap hotel for 350 baht (35RM) per night, with aircon and private shower. That's really cheap. Other hotels would cost 700 Baht now... because it is peak season. Usually, the prices in Phuket go up to double when it's peak season time. High season starts in October (gets peak in December) and ends in May. That means, if you want to do budget traveling in Phuket, you can do so in between May and September. The only thing is... low season means monsoon season. That means it's pretty rough on the seas... which is dangerous to do Island Hopping. But if you're adventurous... whether the sea is fine or rough, you can actually do it.Well, I am posting photos of Ao Chalong for the sake of my friend Aisha who used to stay nearby. Hope you enjoy the photos Aish.

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Aisha said...

Wow! Thank you so much! Yeah, I love it! Thank you for posting this, it made me smile a lot. :) I remember we do used to visit this place a lot and when Grace was with us too. I can't believe that there are so many people now. Thanks so much, Jan. It means a lot to me.


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