Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reliving Memories: Food Trip in Phuket

On December 31, 2008... we were in Phuket. We slept in in the morning. We need not worry about rushing up because we had a car to use. So we drove into Phuket, looked for Black Canyon coffee for breakfast. Only to realize they moved to another location, at Central Festival mall. So we went to Coffee Lovers instead. Peter had chocolate waffle with ice cream... yes, for breakfast.

And I had waffle with cheese and ham.
Then I checked my work online and found a bunch of opps waiting for me. Spent two hours finishing them because I didn't wanna bring them into the New Year with me. It's always nice to celebrate New Year when everything you wanna do is done. So, done. Two hours in front of the public computer. By the way, we didn't take our notebook with us.

Then we drove to Rawai for lunch. Peter's favorite. We ordered and ate like there was no tomorrow. It felt like it was almost a glutony. Ouch. Forgive us Lord.

Mango salad (som tam style), grilled squid for hubby, green curry chicken, fried chicken with cashew nuts...

And 4 fresh, raw oysters for me with two glasses of ice cold lemonade (nam manaw). We decided not to eat dinner after that because we were so filled. But I got hungry at 10:00pm... 2 hours before the New Year's Eve... and there's one more thing in my food-to-eat list. My ever favorite Kanom Jin (it's a rice noodle dish served with green fish curry.

You have to eat it with raw vegetables to moderate the spicy-ness of the food. But I could jump up and down feeling so miserable with the insides of my mouth burning with hot and spicy kanom jin. Guess I'm not used to eating that spicy food anymore. But I had satisfied my tummy's thai food trip desires.



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