Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reliving Memories: Getting to Racha Island

Or the Raya Island. It was where our director took us everytime we go for team buildings. We went there a few times and I can say that Raya Island is the most beautiful island in Phuket. It surely was a paradise.

I sent a couple friends there for their honeymoon once and I thought I would surely take Peter there... to see the place, to experience the place... and just to be in that place.

How to get to Racha (Raya) Island?

Raya Island is accessible by either speed boats or long tail boats. Speed boats can reach Raya in 30 minutes time... and it takes 2 hours to get to Raya by long tail boats.

Speed boats can cost 1,000Baht to go and come back. I think that's the cheapest one can get, especially during peak season. The earlier travel agent we asked was 1,500Baht so we looked around for cheaper ones. And if you want a day trip that includes snorkeling and lunch, you just add 200Baht.


Aisha said...

Oh wow! They have speedboats. I wonder why Danny didn't use speedboats for us LOL!

janet said...

hehehe aish... apparently, long tail boats are a lot cheaper.


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