Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reliving Memories: Phuket, Finally

After staying in Racha Island for 3 days, we went back to Phuket to see places I wanna see. Places that had created a memory in me. Places that I had share with Peter during the courtship days. But of course, we had to meet old friends first. So I called Somchai... whom I know could help us with accommodation and transportation. Times like these, it's good to meet the right person. And we did. We wanted to stay in a decent hotel in Phuket called the Crystal Inn. It's a 3-star hotel but hubby likes the service and the place. It's actually at the center of the town so you could go anywhere you want to the easy way. We didn't plan to rent a car because I knew all the bus routes. But God has his own way. And that time, He really wanted me and hubby to enjoy our vacation so much.

So realizations had been made:

1. We realized that my friend, Somchai, had bought a house just outside the town, for rent. It so happened that the tenants left a month ago so it was empty. He offered his place, which of course, we gladly took. We wanted to borrow his car but he's too busy doing stuff for the New Year... so he asked me to call another common friend.

2. When I called my friend, Winai, I realized that he didn't have a car for rent. He only had cars to sell. LOL. Winai used to be the driver of my friend Fong Mei (who used to take me to Bangkok with her for her prawn business). It was him that I asked to pick Peter up from the bus terminal... and I broke his heart. LOL. Anyways, I am not going to tell you anything about it. Just go figure. So he asked Somchai to take us to his place. And how he became so rich! He sells cars and he has branches all over Phuket! And he had a car to lend us.

Honda Jazz, barely a year old! Imagine how Peter felt when driving the thing... after being so used to drive an old and heavy car... He sure felt like very young again.

And so... to extend Somchai's hospitality, he invited us for dinner... which, of course, we gladly said yes. I know that only Thais can get you to eat the real, authentic Thai food... in a cheap but decent place. I was glad we came because I wouldn't have known how to order those food. Food photos will follow suit.

And because he was excited to go to Colorful Phuket countdown 2009, he also took us there, along with two new Thai friends.

We came to his house (for rent) late and feeling really exhausted because we just came back from Racha Island... but it was worth spending time with him. We had free place to stay for two more nights and a free Honda Jazz to roam around Phuket. And yes, free Thai food for dinner, too. God is awesome. He must have seen our desperate need for a vacation He put every thing in order before we came. He is an amazing God.

We were happy to sleep knowing that the next day, we would have a car to drive around the places I wanna revisit, food I wanna eat, and friends I wanna meet.

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litlit said...

Wow! Wow! What a wonderful vacation, jan and peter.


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