Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reliving Memories: Racha Island!

I finally brought my hubby to Raya Island. I'd been wanting to take him there... but due to some reasons, we just couldn't do it. This time, last December, we decided to take a break sans kids. It was the right time, I guess as Samantha has overcome her separation anxiety already. As I posted earlier, our director of the foundation I was connected with used to take us there for team bonding. I fell in love with the place. So remote, secluded, less polluted, almost a virgin island. And boy I was glad to be able to go there again, reliving memories... and building some for me and hubby.
Raya Island was affected by the 2004 tsunami. And the almost virgin island I used to go before has transformed into an almost developed island. I guess right after the Tsunami, when people started re-building the resort, a lot of people started putting up a resort as well. There were a few new resorts... and they're world-class... which means super expensive as well... like that of The Racha, a private resort:

But there's one resort that has remained the same... right in the middle of an Island. The cheapest resort in Racha Island, the Raya Family Resort. It has the same rate whether you come during low season or high season. 1,000Baht per night. bungalow. 24/7 electricity. friendly and superb customer service. and yes, high speed internet available too at 50baht per 10 minutes. not bad for a remote island, hey?

Raya Father Resort, right in the middle of Raya Island... the road goes through the other side of the island where the Ban Raya Resort is.

This road used to be a rough road, parallel to Ban Raya Resort front. We used to go this way for a better snorkeling spot. Beautiful, colorful fish and corals. Awesome.

This paved road used to be a jungle-like walk. A road that leads to Raya Family Resort.

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